Ben Rosen


Creators: Ben Rosen, Adam Demasi, Juan Carlos Perez, Anh Nyugen

Github | Cydia Repo

Chrysalis is a paid and open-sourced tweak that uses gestures to provide a quick and easy-to-use app switcher.
This tweak is part of the Tweak Battles competition which is where teams of tweak developers work together to make tweaks. A pool of money is created from the supporters of the competition. Over $1,000 was raised in this competition and was donated to charity. We chose the Electronic Frontier Foundation charity, which stands up for digital rights to donate our $1,000.

Chrysalis is activated by force touching on the left side of the screen, where the app switcher is then activated in. To switch to another app, you slide your finger across your recently used apps and lift your finger on the new app. The new app will then be switched to. This quick process is incredibly fluid and all done without lifting your finger once.

I had a huge role in making this tweak by coding the entire groundwork of the tweak. I enjoyed doing so because I got to explore and dissasemble the new 3d touch APIs.

As part of the Tweak Battles competition, we open sourced our tweak for others to learn and view our work. Available on Github.


Chrysalis was designed from a vision of a better 3D Touch app switcher, and to bring a convenient app switching gesture to older devices. There has never been an easier way to switch your apps efficiently before Chrysalis. Simply force press on the left edge of the screen, and Chrysalis will create an elegant new experience for you. Drag your finger to the app you would like to switch to and let go. That’s it!

Built from the ground up with lots of love, to not just be an immersive experience, but it was also built for a good cause. We made this tweak as part of the [Tweak Battles competition](, where almost $1,000 was raised for charity.