Ben Rosen


Creators: Ben Rosen and Juan Carlos Perez

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Stacks is a free iMessage extension that lets you send a group of related images to another person to recieve feedback on it. For example, if you are shoe shopping, you can send someone a "stack" of images of the shoes and they can reply with a rating of each image. Since this is an iMessage Extension, it is in the messages app and is easily accessable. I worked played a huge part in the development of this iMessage extension. I worked on the UI and the backend (taking care of uploading/downloading images). I enjoyed working on this iMessage extension because I think it is a very practical idea that would improve the iMessage experience.

We decided to open source Stacks so others can learn from the code. Available on Github.


Stacks is beautifully designed to provide a better and more concise way to share photos with a contact and receive their opinion on those images.

Quickly and easily share a group of related photos with a friend, significant other or anybody really without flooding the conversation with individual images. With a clear and minimal interface, Stacks will present the images in a rotary slideshow where they can be rated to indicate which was liked more.

After rating the images, Stacks can send a response message with the ratings back to the original sender to view.